Monday, May 16, 2011

The Old Park Homestead


Hello and welcome to our adventure!

On a trip scouting crows (yes, he hunts crow... among many other animals, all of which I really don't understand), my husband came across what soon became our dream home. It was up for auction, in the country, and had all the space we had been looking for... not to mention minutes from the conveniences of the "city" (in Central Podunk, the word "city" is used loosely). We won the auction and have been here ever since.

After settling in and letting things fall into place, it's time to get dirty and have some fun! The house is old but has good bones and good space, but it's all very dated. Blue carpet, red carpet, green carpet... and colored paneling to match! Peel-n-stick vinyl floor tiles. Dark wood cabinets. Need I go on???

So, where does this adventure begin? Stripping wallpaper, painting walls and replacing floors... only to name a few! And let's not forget the endless craft projects, auction finds, and garden additions I can get myself into!

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